Friday, April 30, 2010


I was on my way home aboard a tricycle when I saw my crush who lives somewhere along the way. He was walking his dog again. Since he was looking at me (or I was thinking it was me he was looking at) I decided to look him straight in the eye just to try if he will look the other way. After all, I was riding a trike and I don't think he will make a big deal out of it. Plus, I've been wanting to give him a hint that I like him since the day I saw him, but something always held me back. So this time, I decided to give it a try. And so there, I looked him straight in the eye. He seemed to grin, but then as the trike I was in drove past him, I just realized that perhaps the way I looked at him was fierce enough that he could easily misinterpret that I was frowning at him, or that I had a bad day. Blame the trike and the road 'coz it was not an easy ride. I should've smiled. Haha.

Hmm, calling the Quezon City Engineering Department: Please conduct road repairs at _________ Street as soon as possible. Dahil sa baku-bakong daan, nasisira ang diskarte ko. Hahaha. Kiddin'.

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