Thursday, September 10, 2009


It happened during one of my recent trips back to Manila. Before boarding the plane, I usually go to the restroom to prepare myself for the flight so that I won't have to compete with other passengers for a turn in the lavatory before the plane takes off. So at the pre-departure area, I went to the restroom. On my way to the restroom, I noticed this cute guy seated on one of the front row seats. I just glanced at him and I think he also glanced at me.

Inside the restroom, while I was urinating, I noticed him enter and wash his hands first. He then went to the urinal. I was finished by then and went to the sink to wash my hands. Then I stayed longer to check how I look. He then went to the sink and made his way to the only working faucet--the one I recently used. I glanced at him to acknowledge his presence and to signal that he can take his turn. Then he walked away.

To my surprise, before walking through the door, he asked, "Ilang taon ka na?" to which I asked back, "Are you talking to me?" Then that was the start of a conversation. I answered his question and then asked him the same question. He is one year younger than me. As we made our way out of the restroom, we talked about why we were traveling. I learned that he was from the nearby municipality and just visited his relatives. I wanted to ask his name and number, but I couldn't find the courage to do so. Then he asked, "Can I have your number?" I gave him my phone number and then he asked what my name is. Then I also asked for his name and number. Let's call him L.

Then the call to board came. He asked what my seat number was. I told him I was seated at row 30. I was with a superior that day, so I couldn't let him see me talking to this new guy I just met. As I made my way to the plane, I texted L and told him I was seated on this row and asked for his seat number. He told me he was at row 26.

Inside the plane, I realized we were both on the aisle seats on opposite sides of the plane, and we could see each other from where we were seated. We exchanged smiles once in a while. He also talked to me while waiting for his turn to use the lavatory. Good thing my companion was asleep that time.

When we reached Manila, I was able to spend a little more time with L at NAIA Terminal 3. On our way to the baggage claim area, I asked him where he was going, and he said he was on his way to Manila. On the other hand, I will be going to Quezon City with my superior. While waiting for our baggage, we were exchanging text messages, trying to know more about each other. Then I left ahead of him.

We continued to exchange text messages in the evening upon returning home. However, he left for a one-week trip abroad with his boss last Sunday. His phone was not on roaming though. I hope when he gets back, he would still keep in touch and I hope this could be the start of a new friendship. Or if something better comes out of it, then that would be great. On the other hand, if he won't keep in touch, sorry na lang siya! Hehe. But I'm hoping he will.

Edit (November 4, 2009):
--When he returned we continued to exchange SMS but could not schedule a meetup. We were okay, but it seems he only wants to be friends. Haha. Hay naku, naudlot na naman. :p


Quentin X said...


Colbourn Family said...

for me it wos so hard to flirt inside the airport

The Photoblogger said...

hahaha. If I ever saw my crush I don't think I would ever ask for her number. But I did ask for her pic. I posted something about it.

Cute post, something like coming from a love story :P

Good luck with him ;)

ian said...

@The Photoblogger, thanks! We still haven't seen each other yet upon his return. We're still trying to make our schedules meet. :D

Anufi, Patronesa-in-waiting ng mga Tunay na Veyklas said...

kakilig! :)

Rygel said...

maybe he's waiting for you to make the 1st move beyond friendship

ian said...

@Rygel, I actually dropped a few hints but he said he likes me as a friend. Well, life's like that. Hehe.